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Code of Conduct
There shall be the Code of Conduct which would govern the practice of marketing practitioners in commerce, industry and academia in Zambia, in line with the provisions of the Zambia Institute of Marketing Act of Parliament No. 14 of 2003.
 1.0 Independence and Integrity
The marketing practitioner shall practice the profession with independence and high levels of integrity.
 2.0 Customers and Clients Best Interest
The marketing practitioner shall act in the best interests of stakeholders (clients and customers).
 4.0 Conflict of Interest
The marketing practitioner shall avoid conflict of interest when practicing the marketing profession.
 5.0 Employed Marketing Practitioners
An employed Marketing Practitioner shall only practice as a marketer in an Institution for which he or she is employed and among others must meet the following conditions.

5.1 The marketing practitioner must be duly registered with the Zambia Institute of Marketing and holds a current Practicing Certificate.

5.2 The marketing practitioner holding a functional, managerial and supervisory position or senior marketing lecturing position must be a Full Member or Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Marketing.
5.3 The marketing practitioner must meet the minimum requirements of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme through hours accumulated in attending workshops and seminars, conferences and additional qualifications attained thereafter.

5.4 The marketing practitioner in the employment of one Institution shall not provide marketing expertise or services to another Institution operating in the same line of business except where express permission is granted by his employer.
 6.0 Separate Business
The marketing practitioner who has a separate business shall not do anything in the course of practice, or in the course of making and accepting referrals connected with that separate business which would compromise acceptable ethics.
 7.0 Fundamental Ethics
The marketing practitioner shall not engage in conduct whether in pursuit of the profession or otherwise which is:

7.1 Dishonest or otherwise discreditable to a practitioner.

7.2 Likely to diminish public confidence in the marketing profession or otherwise bring the Marketing profession into disrepute.

7.3 Engage directly or indirectly in any occupation if the engagement of association with that occupation may adversely affect the reputation of the Practitioner or prejudice the ability of the Practitioner to attend properly to the interests of clients.
 8.0 Consultancy
8.1 Only Full Members and Fellows of the Zambia Institute of Marketing shall be eligible to execute Marketing Consultancy or to register a Marketing Consultancy Organization.

8.2 The Marketing Practitioner shall not accept any brief for Consultancy if to do so would cause the Practitioner to be professionally embarrassed under the following circumstances.

8.2.1 The Practitioner lacks sufficient experience or competence to handle the matter or assignment.

8.2.2 Having regard to the other professional commitments of the Practitioner, the Practitioner will be unable to do or will not have adequate time and opportunity to prepare that which the Practitioner is required to do.

8.2.3 There is or appears to be some conflict or a significant risk of some conflict either between the interests of the Practitioner or of any partner or other associate of the Practitioner and some other person or between interests of any one or more of their clients.

8.2.4 The matter is one in which there is a risk of a breach of confidences entrusted to the Practitioner, or to any partner or other associate, by another client or where the knowledge which the Practitioner possess of the affairs of another client would give undue advantage to the new client.

8.2.5 If the Practitioner considers that the best interests of the client would not be served by the Practitioner continuing to represent the client, the Practitioner shall immediately advise the client accordingly.

8.2.6 The Practitioner shall cease to act and return any brief, if having accepted a brief of more than one client there is or appears to be a conflict or significant risk of conflict between interests of any one or more of such clients or a risk of a breach of confidence.

8.2.7 The Practitioner shall not cease to act or return a brief without having first explained to the client the reasons for doing so, or return a brief to another Practitioner without the consent of the client.
 9.0 Conduct of Work with Clients
9.1 The Practitioner shall in all professional activities be courteous and act promptly, conscientiously, diligently and with reasonable competence and take all reasonable and practicable decisions and to ensure that professional engagements are fulfilled.

9.2 The Practitioner shall inform the client forthwith if it becomes apparent that the Practitioner will not be able to do the work
within a reasonable time after receipt of instructions and if there is an appreciable risk that the Practitioner may not be able to undertake instructions or fulfill any other professional engagement which the Practitioner has accepted.

9.3 Whether or not the relationship of Practitioner and Client continues, the Practitioner shall preserve the confidentiality of the client’s affairs, protect information entrusted to the Practitioner in confidence and shall not use such information to the detriment of the client or to the advantage of the Practitioner or another client’s advantage.

9.4 The Practitioner shall not, in relation to any current matter in which the Practitioner is or has been briefed, offer the Practitioner’s personal view or opinion to or in any news or current affairs media upon the facts of or the issues arising in that matter.
 10.0 Marketing Practitioners Holding Public Office
10.1 Where a Marketing Practitioner is appointed to the office of Cabinet Minister, Deputy Minister, Permanent Secretary or Senior Government Aide, the Practitioner shall:

10.1.1 Upon appointment to the relevant public service position, cease or refrain from practicing in private practice in the Marketing firms in the areas of Advertising, Marketing Research and Marketing Consultancy.

10.1.2 Employ a Marketing Practitioner of at least two (2) years standing or experience and shall be a Full Member or Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Marketing, to manage and operate his or her practice in Advertising, Marketing Research and Consultancy.
 11.0 Non Compliance with Code of Conduct
Non compliance, failure, evasion or the disregard of these Rules or Code of Conduct without reasonable cause shall constitute professional misconduct or conduct unbefitting a Marketing Practitioner. The Disciplinary Committee may where it considers fit, suspend the Practicing Certificate of any Marketing Practitioner facing disciplinary proceedings for breach of any of these Rules and shall submit the matter to the Council in accordance with the Zambia Institute of Marketing Act No. 14 of 2003.
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